Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Life Reaches Many Others in a Profound Way; Real Stories, Real People {A Series by Meadowbelle Market}

Immediately stirred by the tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti, we created a 'Loved' necklace to support both the brave survivors and the volunteers from all over the world, ready to lend their assistance, rescue, and relief to a devastated nation. From citizens in the US to nations far and wide collecting food and water, to doctors and rescue workers worldwide, never did we imagine how the tragedy of a nation would coincide with the tragedy of a family's loss.

Among everyone who showed their support to the Haiti relief fund by purchasing a 'Loved' necklace from our store ($15 from each purchase is donated on behalf of Haiti relief efforts), the friend of one family touched us the most. Inspired by love, dedication, and generosity, we have been moved to create a series in which we would like to share the first 'real story' of 'real people' with you.

Often one may wonder what our own life has meant or what it will be once we are gone.  The impact one life can have on many became evident when Paula lost her 23 year old daughter Alexis to cancer.  Clare (Alexis' obstetrician), who delivered both the joy of Alexis' infant son Caelen, and the devestating news of her advanced cancer, was determined that the honor of a young life well lived, but gone all too soon would not only be remembered, but continue to serve a further purpose.

After purchasing a 'Loved' necklace from our shop, we received the following message from

"Dear Erin and Aundrea, I received your LOVED necklace and card so beautifully wrapped that I was almost in tears. It moved me so much I decided to give it to Alexis.  Paula put the necklace on Alexis before she was buried.  Many thanks. I think it was a great idea for Haiti, and Alexis would thoroughly approve of that."
Clare followed up by making sure that each close friend and family member would recieve a necklace as a symbol of the impact Alexis' life had held, not only on herself but others as well.  Now Alexis' young son Caelen who was just four months old when his mother passed away, Caelen's father Peter, her sister Karla, brother Sean, Mum Paula, aunt Karen, and best friend Nicola will carry with them a small daily reminder of the beautiful soul that lived, and was surely and undoubtedly 'Loved'.