Sunday, February 14, 2010

Organization, Take 2! : The Office

{By Aundrea}

Since I figure I can strech this organization theme from "New Year's Resolution" to "Spring Cleaning", I've decided to tackle the dreaded 'office'. While organization might not seem very wedding related, quite often the unsuspecting new Bride-to-Be realizes that wedding planning can be much like a 2nd job. In addition, sorting through items to combine households and receiveing new wedding gifts gives you a renewed sense of 'nesting' for the life ahead. Suddenly you realize that if you haven't honed these skills yet, you'd better start, because something's going to have to get you through what can sometimes be the chaos of wedding planning.

Why can the office be a constant source of tension? I think it is because we're expected to work there, and let's face it, work can create how do you achieve a workable area that stays tidy?
I've approached the office delima much like I do my work and designs--like a puzzle with pieces waiting to be assebled in the correct place. A little planning ahead, thinking through both workflow and problem areas will get this done. Some questions you might ask are: Where do I begin the day? What areas can be dedicated to different tasks? What items or tools do I need nearby for each task? It helped me to literally draw a map of my office and then dedicate areas to specific jobs.
Here are the photos of my office ( I don't have any 'before' photos, so just imagine the worst--because it was!):

* (LEFT): Placed in the closet, I love this desk because of how the space is utilized (found at Nebraska Furniture Mart, clearance section): On the left of the desk, the top narrow drawer pulls out to hide my laptop when not in use.
The area directly underneath which would normally be empty space (on most desks), provides more shelves and a bottom pull-out tray where I can keep my desk space clear by storing a caddy with most-often-used items within reach but out of the way.
Last, I added storage containers (at Wal-Mart, $6 ea.) to keep shelves tidy looking and items accessible. Two cloth shoe holders placed on the right hold fabric. Above, balloon curtains (Target, clearance) hide shelves with photography equipment.

*(ABOVE, RIGHT): Shelves painted white unify the look, outfitted with small cup hooks that hold metal baskets. (I love this part--I feel like I'm in a gardening shop--and who doesn't love to be reminded of the outdoors while working?). A word of inspiration to remind you to "dream" never hurts.

*(LEFT): Same white shelf, with holes drilled on the top provide a perfect resting place for clear glass cone shaped holders (found at the dollar store, $1 ea.). Cup hooks underneath add more storage options.

Opposite the closet desk, a book shelf holds the printer, books, and storage storage baskets.

* A bench doubles as storage for what would otherwise be 'empty' space. (I found this bench at Target, and immediately thought of using it under this small desk--which used to be a sewing table that I painted white. I went home and took measurements of the empty space under the desk, and it COULD NOT BE a more PERFECT fit!!!! Thrilling, when this sort of thing happens. It also matches the walls quite well. My lucky day :)

A large vintage armoire was cut down to just the drawers, painted white, label pulls added. On top rests a paper/ribbon/all-purpose storage holder (made by my loving husband). Underneath a nearby window, bouquet flowers are displayed flower box style in another shelf that has been drilled with holes and painted white.

*(Below, right): Inovices and shipping receipts for the year are filled by month, and remain close at hand in a vintage metal holder (yes, painted white).
*(Below, middle & Right): A metal bar with clips (designed with the help of my husband again) holds printed orders ready to be made so that I can see order details and make notes.