Saturday, June 20, 2009

Commited to Recyling in Style: New Life for Old Containers

Fresh fruit and fabric flowers. What do they have in common? A plastic container, it seems:

It has been a while since the announcement of Meadowbelle {Market} on Etsy. Along with an engagement--(congrats, Erin!)--our store has seen it's share of changes. One of the most recent developments has included wedding related items to our {Market} shop, courtesy of Erin's now "anything wedding" obsession. Among the additions, fabric flower fascinators have been quite liked--and due to their sometimes delicate nature, we have also been forced to become quite creative in packaging to be sure they arrive at their destination looking just the same as when they left our little workshop.
The solution to our delima has also been our contribution to recycling, which has found it's way in unlikely, empty fruit containers. Washed and dried, a plastic container that would have otherwise gone straight into the trash becomes the perfect traveling companion to a lovely and delicate fabric flower. Add a sweet little label, and you've got something that looks good enough to--well, reuse.

Now our challenge to you is: How many ways can you reuse this re purposed recycled fruit to flower container?
We've thought of a few, to get you started:
1. Wrap a friend's gift (include tissue paper and a pretty ribbon)
2. Organize a drawer
3. Hold make-up or jewelry
4. Protect your favorite pair of wool gloves or a scarf (add some cedar to repel moths)
5. Save delicate items from snags in your drawer
6. Put a few sachets inside or line with tissue paper & add some herbs to scent any space
We're sure you've got a few good ideas, too. So please, feel free to share with us!

Washed, wrapped, and packed with flowers -ready to ship to you.

{P.S.} We recycle our shipping packages, too!